Saturday, July 28, 2012

Author Interview - R. Rodriguez

Do you find teaching to be a rewarding experience?

I do. Teaching allows me to express my creativity and knowledge. Every day is different. The interaction with students allows for the teaching/ learning process to be dynamic. I love creating new ways for my students to learn.

Tell us your latest news?

I’ve enjoyed the process of publishing and marketing my first book, Grace. Working with book bloggers and interacting with my readers has been great. My last book was released on the same day of my birthday, which made the day an extra special one. On a personal level, I’m going through important life changes since my kids are entering the teenage years which is an interesting period in their lives. I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

What books have influenced your life the most?

I am an avid reader so I have many favorite books. I would say that I have favorite books for every one of my life stages so far. As a kid, it was the Ramona Quimby Series, anything by Judy Blume, and V.C Andrews. As a teenager, my favorite books were The Catcher in the Rye and The Outsiders. As an adult, I enjoy many genres. My favorite books include Memoirs of a Geisha, Anna Karenina, The House of Spirits, The Twilight Series, and especially Paulo Coelho’s books. If I were to recommend a book that everyone should read, it would be The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Review of Their Last Suppers by Andrew Caldwell

Their Last Suppers:
  Legends of History and
  Their Final Meals
by Andrew Caldwell

     This book sounded a little morbid but I thought it was an interesting concept and had a different approach to history that deserved a try. This book was a lot different than I had expected.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chastity - an Eternal Beloved Novel


     For my review of R.Rodriguez's latest book Chastity, the second book in The Eternal Beloved Novel series and an opportunity to win your own copy, please visit A Goddess of Frugality.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review of From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz

From the Corner of His Eye
by Dean Koontz

     Two women who give birth during perilous conditions result in two incredibly gifted children. One delusional psychopath with a constitution too weak for murder, but does it anyway. Add some very caring and giving people into the mix and you have the ingredients for this interesting story.

     The book is written from the viewpoint of several different characters. While it is interesting to see the delusional man's point of view, I think it would be humorous to be shown someone else's point of view around him to see what is really going on. The few times we are given this second point of view it becomes quite obvious that Junior's take on the world is a bit off.

     This book is hard to categorize. While it isn't Koontz's normal plot of horror, it does have some horror and suspense while following Junior around. It also has almost a paranormal feel to it but the seemingly unnatural occurences are actually based on real metaphysical theories. So these things could happen, but probably not within our lifetimes.

     I found the ending a little disappointing to be honest. The climax is towards the end of the story and then the plot keeps plodding along, until it just doesn't any more. The continuation of the story is pretty much anticlimactic and while not quite pointless it almost is. Even so, the book has an interesting premise and is an entertaining read.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - Dean Koontz Quotes

  1. “Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake.”
    ― Dean Koontz

  2. “The most identifying trait of humanity is our abilty to be inhumane to one another.”
    ― Dean Koontz

  3. “Books were this wonderful escape for me because I could open a book and disappear into it, and that was the only way out of that house when I was a kid.”
    ― Dean Koontz

  4. “When we hope, we usually hope for the wrong thing.”
    ― Dean Koontz, Brother Odd

  5. “As long as I have laughter, I am not without hope”
    ― Dean Koontz

  6. “Humanity is a parade of fools, and I am at the front of it, twirling a baton.”
    ― Dean Koontz

  7. “Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.”
    ― Dean Koontz, False Memory

  8. “There are no explanations for human evil. Only excuses.”
    ― Dean Koontz, Intensity

  9. “Human beings can always be relied upon to exert, with vigor, their God-given right to be stupid.”
    ― Dean Koontz

  10. “We are not strangers to ourselves, we only try to be.”
    ― Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas

Quotes provided by goodreads

Monday, July 23, 2012

Review of Saying Goodbye to the Sun

Saying Goodbye to the Sun
by David McAfee

     Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Vincent finds that it must be possible as he cannot get Raine out of his mind after meeting her briefly. But IS it true love or just the dazzling effect that vampires have over humans?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

There's an App for That - Dean Koontz

     For huge Koontz fans, there is an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allow you to receive updates for videos, excerpts, podcasts, audiobook clips, iPhone wallpapers, news items and much more! The app is free for download!

     If you don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch, this may be the best choice for you:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Review of Remote Control by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Remore Control
by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

     Be careful what you wish for. We have often heard it but who really stops and thinks about it before impetuously making a wish. I admit that I often do. Fate loves to play devil's advocate. You have to word wishes and prayers with more caution than a lawyer composing a contract. Beatrice just wishes for a change. Oh boy! Never leave it open to fate as to whether it is a good change or a bad one.

     This novella is short, entertaining, and thought provoking. I can't help but wonder how I would act in similar circumstances.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review of Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble

Tidewater Inn
by Colleen Coble
Hope Beach Series

     The main character in the novel is Libby. Libby restores historic buildings. While researching a new project in a small town on a remote island, Libby’s business partner, Nicole, discovers that Libby’s father had not died when she was five as she had been told. Nicole is kidnapped while Libby helplessly watches via a beach webcam. Other long hidden secrets reveal themselves as Libby searches for Nicole.

Visit A Goddess of Frugality to read entire review.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review of The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz

The Darkest Evening of the Year
by Dean Koontz

     Dean Koontz explores the inner workings of a truly sick mind. The horrific motives that are behind the actions of at least one of the characters are hard for normal people to comprehend, yet completely plausible given the twistedness of some disturbed individuals.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Review of Joe by H.D. Gordon

by H.D. Gordon

     Where do heroes come from? Sometimes heroes are just every day men and women who do the right thing, whether they possess courage or not. They do not do it for the glory, but just because it IS the right thing to do. Joe is this type of remarkable unassuming hero.

     Joe is more than your average college student. She has the gift of clairvoyance. She will argue as to whether it is a gift or a curse. Though she often claims that she is not a hero, she will take heroic steps to make sure that her horrific vision will not become reality.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Review of Hybrid by Brian O'Grady

by Brian O'Grady

     "More than thirty years ago, Ronald Regan had advanced the premise that a biological attack would be the equivalent of a nuclear attack." How can you defend yourself against a microbial enemy that you cannot see? Biological warfare is a scary tactic that is hard to defend against, no matter the size of the military.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review of Starring Me by Krista McGee

Starring Me
by Krista McGee

     If you enjoyed reading First Date, you will be happy to know that the story continues with Starring Me. I read this with my 12 year old daughter, who had not read the first book, and the story is still easy to follow even if you did not read the first one. My daughter enjoyed the characters so much that she cannot wait to read First Date too.

     Read at the entire review at A Goddess of Frugality.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review of The Husband by Dean Koontz

The Husband
by Dean Koontz
Featured Review

     Mitch persevered despite an unorthodox childhood. He loves his job, working with nature as a gardener. He loves his wife. With one phone call, his life completely changes. His wife has been kidnapped and her abductors have demanded two million dollars in ransom. Mitch is flabbergasted and has no idea how these criminals think he could ever scrape together THAT much money.

     Dean Koontz puts forth the query, "What would you do for love?" Would you put your own life on the line to save a loved one? Would you take another's life? A very suspenseful novel with many twists and turns from unexpected sources. He spins an intricate web that uncovers deception, criminal activity, murder, and sheer terror that inflicts even more mental anguish and pain on Mitch than on his abducted wife.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Additions to the Odd Series

Countdown for the next installation in The Odd Thomas series!

     Can't wait for the latest novel in Dean Koontz's Odd Series? He has released a 3 part ebook series titled Odd Interlude that you can read while you wait!

     Each book is less than 100 pages and currently priced at $1.99 on Amazon.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Does the Noise in my Head Bother You?

     Laura from A Goddess of Frugality is in town visiting this week. As a tribute to the fact that we have tickets to see Aerosmith at The Palace tonight, I decided to review Steven Tyler's autobiography titled Does the Noise in my Head Bother You.

Does the Noise in my Head Bother You?
by Steven Tyler

     All of the Charles Dickens books and other classic authors have helped to prepare me to journey into the mind of Steven Tyler. The trick to a successful comprehension of such books is to widen your mind. Read with your peripheral vision and don't necessarily take it at face value. Some call it interpreting or reading between the lines. To read the words literally and miss the allegories would be a shame. If you can master this art, you will find that Tyler is much more than just another lunatic lead singer for a long-haired rock band.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Darkness Under the Sun - Review

Darkness Under the Sun
by Dean Koontz

     Howie Dugley was damaged. He was physycally damaged during a horrifying trauma when he was five. He was emotionally scarred to match the physical scars, not only from the trauma but from the tauntings he received daily from bullies. Howie was shy and a loner, trusting no one. Until he made a new friend. But that friend was not as he had expected.

     Koontz ... King ... Koontz ... King ... Saul ... There is no choosing a favorite. They are each masterful storytellers in their own style. Koontz weaves a suspenseful tale of a young boy's trust that is undeserved and quickly betrayed. Probably the scariest aspect is how easily this could be a true story.

     A very short book, well worth the hour it took to read. I believe this book was only published in the Kindle and audio versions.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Featured Author - Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz

  July 9, 1945
Main genres:
   Suspense, Horror fiction, Science fiction & Thrillers

     Dean Koontz has availed himself of several different pseudonyms. He had used different pen names for different genres, even adopting a female persona for a few romantic stories. Most of his novels are now available published under his true name, except for a few books that he has repurchased the publishing rights and are not currently in print.