Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens - Book Review

The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens
by Michael Brown
Genres: Paranormal, Thriller

     Jake Jordaens moves from New Orleans to Providence, Rhode Island with his adoptive mother Lexis. At the tender age of 19 Jake is struggling with paranormal visions, college admissions, and his own identity - due to being adopted and also confusion as to his own sexual persuasion. Combine all this with falling into an underground ring of mafia run illegal activities primarily consisting of child pornography marketing both videos and children to pedophiles, and poor Jake has quite a lot on his plate.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vic: Never Give up - Serial Sunday Review

book cover art of Vic: Never Give Up by Jerry Gill Vic: Never Give Up
by Jerry Gill
Book 3 Vic Challenger Series
Genres: Action Adventure, Romance,
   Historical Romance, Fantasy

     Vic Challenger returns for another adventure in her quest to find Nu, the son of Nu. This time Vic and her friend Lin are headed to Scotland and London in search of an artist that Vic believes to be the reincarnation of Nu. Expecting a nice, quiet, fun vacation; the pair of adventurers stumble upon slave traders, strange beasts, and much more danger than they had anticipated. But never fear, for these super women are more than up to the challenge.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Killer Date by Kathy Clark - Book Review

book cover art for Killer Date by Kathy Clark Killer Date
by Kathy Clark
Book 2 in Scandals series
Genres: Action, Thriller, Suspense,

     Your typical sleazy private detective. Reno Marks, former resident of Las Vegas, has had more than his share of women and one night stands and seems proud of that fact. When Jenny Caldwell walks into the office of Scandals Investigation Agency, Reno accepts her case, free of charge, simply so he can get to know her better. But there is more to Reno than meets the eye, even more than Reno thought possible. Jenny may be petite but she is a woman of strong character that draws Reno in. He finds that he respects her as much as he yearns to feel her curves against him, and this fact alone amazes him.