Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

     When did I get so old? My brother convinced me to stop at the bar on the way home from work. The place was packed, standing room only, and I was quickly aggravated with standing in the aisle getting jostled. We still hadn't managed to work our way through the crowd to the barmaid to get a drink. I told my brother to have fun, enjoy the band (the drummer was a buddy of his), I was going home. He talked me into having a beer with him and then he would walk home with me and change etc. before going back out.
     It was tempting to go back out with him after I had a chance to go home, eat, change, and freshen up. But I really just want to relax by the fire in my jammies, with my afghan and my Kindle.

In the Beginning

Today I read the first section of The Call and I set up this blog. Tomorrow my Facebook group begins reading Jane Eyre, and my Goodreads group begins The Portrait of Dorian Gray. I've read Dorian Gray recently with my Facebook group so will skip reading it again, and just join in the discussions.