Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anna Lynn Blog Tour - Book Review

book cover art for Pulled by Darkness by Anna Lynn Title: Pulled by Darkness
Series: Finding Light Series Book 1
Author: Anna Lynn
Genres: Romance, Drama, Fiction

      After the loss of her husband and two children to a drunk driver, twenty nine year old widow Eva Hernandez sales her home and business. Then to only add salt to her wounds she attacks the drunk driver, lashing out in court, mourning her loss she is given the choice or jail or therapy.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Seeker by Jerome Gilden - Fun Read Friday Book Review

book cover art for Seeker by Jerome Gilden Seeker
by Jerome Gilden
Timeline Series #2
Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy

     Jerry Daniels is back for this sequel to the original book Tracers. He is a bit older, wiser and much more powerful. It required massive amounts of damage to have killed off the entire Royal family and Jerry is determined to find out how and why, hopefully before those behind it decide to unleash their power onto the mortals of the world.