Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Keep Calm and Ask On by Michael Samuels - Book Review

Keep Calm and Ask On: A No-Nonsense Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams
by Michael Samuels
Genres: Nonfiction, Self Help

     The author stresses how important it is that you define your goals and trust that everything will work out. Whether you are trusting the Universe, as Samuels phrases it, or God, fate, karma, destiny, Buddha, a higher power, etc. these principles can be applied - no matter what your beliefs or religion may be.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Unplugged by P.D. Quaver - Book Review

by P.D. Quaver
Genres: Young Adult, Thriller

     Unplugged is a thrilling tale aimed at young adults. A group of kids are sent to a new summer camp that claims to wean the children off of their dependence and addictions to electronics. But all is not as it appears as it turns out that this summer camp is merely a front for a kidnapping scheme. The kids are whisked away to a remote island and held hostage. Ironically, they DO learn to live and succeed without any electronic benefits. This is reminiscent of a modern day Lord of the Flies - almost, kinda, sorta. The classic book is mentioned in the story and may spark interest in your youngster, if they enjoy this tale, and I'm all for getting today's kids interested in reading classics.