Media Kit

     I am honored and flattered with the amount of requests that I have received for my services. However, because of the multitude of opportunities flooding in, I will no longer be accepting requests for free proofreading and/or beta reading services. Requests for unsolicited free reviews might still be entertained, depending on the book, with the understanding that my schedule for such reviews are currently backlogged to those requested in November. Such reviews, that have already been accepted, will be honored as quickly as I can fit them into my hectic schedule. All books reviewed on the blog will eventually be posted on Amazon and Goodreads. Originally I had planned to post them with a month delay so that my blog had the exclusive review for a brief period of time. However, I am currently a year behind on those as I do not want to spam either site with a ton of reviews in one day as I attempt to catch up.

Proofreading and Beta Reading

     While trying not to sound too boastful, I have an eye for detail. Grammar, spelling errors, and typos are just the tip of the iceberg. I have an uncanny ability to find continuity errors, not only within a single book but through out a continuing series and have an extensive knowledge on a wide variety of subjects to catch general misconceptions, assumptions and errors. Such as the fact that Reese Pieces do not contain chocolate, door knobs require Phillips head screwdrivers - not flat head, and that no knowledgeable collector of rare books would ever own an inscribed copy of Charles Dickens' The Mystery of Edwin Drood as Dickens passed away before he finished writing it and never saw it published. I'm not going to out the authors that made these mistakes, but you know who you are ;). Depending on length of book, most jobs can be delivered within 2 weeks.


$2.50 per 500 words.
$20 additional charge to deliver changes within 7 days.
$10 minimum per order.


     On average reviews take a week to ten days, depending on length and type of book. As I have themes for some days, I sometimes prefer to schedule a review on a specific day of the week. If, for example, I receive a book that is part of a series I will review it on Sunday as part of my Serial Sunday theme. If said book is received on Thursday etc. it most likely will not be reviewed that next Sunday but the following week. This is the reasoning for sometimes needing more than a week for reviews. I give HONEST reviews, while trying not to be too harsh. Sometimes I do not personally enjoy a book, but I am fair with my judgment and will suggest which type of reading audience would probably enjoy it. I require to be provided with the book, preferably in Kindle format, free of charge. On the rare occasion that authors, for whatever reason, do not have the freedom to provide a free copy, arrangements can be made to buy the book for an additional charge to cover purchase price. As stated above, all reviews that are posted on the blog are eventually posted on Amazon and Goodreads as well, but this service is heavily backlogged. For a small fee, I will give up the right to an exclusive review on the blog and also post it on Amazon and Goodreads on the same day that the review is published on site.


$10 per book review.
$5 additional charge for same day review on Amazon and Goodreads.
$5 additional charge to promote your review to my Facebook and Twitter fans.
$20 additional charge to deliver review within 3 days.

Featured Authors

     Honestly, I have not had a featured author recently because it takes so much preparation that I have not made time for it. If you are interested in being a featured author, please contact me for details and pricing.


  1. Way to go, Laurie! For authors reading this post, you MUST hire Laurie to work on your manuscript. She has an eye for detail and will make your project shine. I would NEVER publish a title without having Laurie work on it.

  2. Laurie's attention to detail and exceptional ability to catch plot holes in my manuscripts have greatly improved the quality and polish of my novels. I can honestly say that Laurie has made a huge difference in my career as an author! I highly recommend her services.

  3. Hi Laurie,

    I can't find an email address. I have a bunch of books for review. Please write me at and it will the 70 dollar package for all of his books.