Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon Final Update

     I really enjoyed the past couple of weeks and realize that I need to make extra effort in the future to fit more reading into my days. This may require starting up a petition to add at least 4 extra hours to each and every day so I can find some spare time. Please sign it if it comes across your desk! While I didn't finish all of my intended list of books to tackle, I am happy to say that I did, in fact, reach both of my goals for this read-a-thon! Not only did I catch up on my 2015 reading challenge I am FIVE books ahead now! *happy dance* My second goal was for my "read" shelf to exceed my "to-read" shelf, which it does! Even if only by one book, that still counts. Without further ado my final review for the read-a-thon...

The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
I give it 3 star review graphic 3 stars.

A sad classic tale of hypocrisy and fair weather friends.

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Final list of books read during Read-a-thon
Title Author Pages Date Read
Pride and Prejudice
and Zombies
319 Sep 15, 2015
Haunted Cross, Willow 26 Sep 15, 2015
Falling for Nick James, Joleen 217 Sep 16, 2015
We Have Always Lived
in the Castle
Jackson, Shirley 146 Sep 17, 2015
The Book of Dragons Nesbit, E. 150 Sep 17, 2015
Another Fine Myth Asprin, Robert 208 Sep 18, 2015
What America Was Really
Like in 1776
Thomas J.
22 Sep 18, 2015
The Vampire With the
Dragon Tattoo
Rain, J.R. 70 Sep 19, 2015
A Little Bit of Déjà Vu Kellogg, Laurie 246 Sep 19, 2015
Out of Time Martin, Monique 294 Sep 21, 2015
Waiting For Nick Roberts, Nora 251 Sep 22, 2015
Considering Kate Roberts, Nora 256 Sep 23, 2015
The ABC Murders Christie, Agatha 207 Sep 24, 2015
Big Driver King, Stephen 198 Sep 24, 2015
Historical Mysteries Lang, Andrew 311 Sep 25, 2015
The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald,
F. Scott
192 Sep 27, 2015

Total Books Finished: 16
Total Pages Read: 3113

Thanks again to Tressa at Wishful Endings for organizing the Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon


  1. You did so well! I love that now you're ahead with your challenge. If you figure out how to add more reading hours in each day, do let me know. :) Thanks for participating!

    Tressa @ Wishful Endings

  2. Wow, I am impressed 16 books read in two weeks!! Awesome!! I noticed that you read an Agatha Christie novel during the read-a-thon... I love her novels.:-)

    I had fun participating in the Tackle Your TBR Read-A-Thon this year and look forward to participating in next year's read-a-thon as well. Here's a link to my wrap up post:

  3. Impressive!! You had a great read-a-thon and must be so excited!! Great job!