Thursday, March 27, 2014

Go For It by Matthew Martino - Book Review

Go For It: Be Your Own Boss
by Matthew Martino
Genres: Nonfiction, How-to,
   Inspirational, Self Help

     UK author Martino shares his experience and expertise to help young people become entrepreneurs. This book covers a wide range of advice from how to choose what type of business would suit you best to common mistakes that should be avoided. Martino covers options for if you want a business as a sole support of income, as a legacy for generations to follow, or as just a side income earned from a hobby in your spare time. Even though this informative guide is geared towards students and recent graduates, it could also be found helpful to older people, as well, who are tired of the rat race and ready to start a business of their own.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wraithsong by EJ Squires - Book Review

by EJ Squires
Desirable Creatures Series Book I
Genre:Paranormal, Fantasy,
   Young Adult, Romance

     17yo Sonia has always known that she was different but it isn't until her senior year of high school that she learns exactly how much. Her mother has the uncanny ability to control people and Sonia has inherited this ability, but with it takes a lot of responsibility and consequences when used unwisely.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Destiny: Illusions by Daniel Rafferty - Book review

book cover art for Destiny: Illusions - The Crime of Our Ancestors by Daniel Rafferty Destiny: Illusions - The Crime Of Our Ancestors
by Daniel Rafferty
Book 1 in series
Genres: Science Fiction, Action Adventure

     Is there intelligent life on other planets? If so, how would those of us on earth react to such knowledge? Would we panic and assume they were hostile and become hostile ourselves? Would the aliens just become yet another culture subject to racial hate by the close minded people who already have such attitudes? Could we learn to live in harmony and trust without fear of differences? These questions make some wonderful food for thought. Author Daniel Raffety provides us with a scenario where aliens have come forth in peace and a friendly alliance is made. Both races benefit from shared technology and a seemingly strong bond is formed between the two planets. But when Earth falls victim to an attack from space will our underlying tendencies to distrust outsiders lead to a full scale intergalactic war?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

RIP (Rest in Peace) by Bob Kat - Serial Sunday Review

book cover art for RIP (Rest in Peace) by Bob Kat RIP (Rest in Peace
by Bob Kat
CUL8R #4
Genres: Mystery, Young Adult,
   Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction

     Four high school teens; Kelly, Scott, Austin, and Zoey; find adventure using an invention that they have named the Spirit Radio. Kelly's aunt's historical house had been the resting place of this technological marvel that had been created by Thomas Edison and lost for years. With some modern tweaking by Scott, the group's technogeek, the radio now picks up voices of spirits which the group travel through time and space to try to help the spirits' ability to rest in peace.