Monday, March 17, 2014

Wraithsong by EJ Squires - Book Review

by EJ Squires
Desirable Creatures Series Book I
Genre:Paranormal, Fantasy,
   Young Adult, Romance

     17yo Sonia has always known that she was different but it isn't until her senior year of high school that she learns exactly how much. Her mother has the uncanny ability to control people and Sonia has inherited this ability, but with it takes a lot of responsibility and consequences when used unwisely.

     This was a very enjoyable story that I would feel confident letting my teen read. The characters are well developed and the fantasy world that author Squires creates is wrapped deep in Norse mythology. Not your typical romance, there is also a sense of intrigue and plot twists as Sonia struggles to uncover who kidnapped her mother and who exactly she can trust.

I give it 5 star review graphic 5 stars!

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