Sunday, March 2, 2014

RIP (Rest in Peace) by Bob Kat - Serial Sunday Review

book cover art for RIP (Rest in Peace) by Bob Kat RIP (Rest in Peace
by Bob Kat
CUL8R #4
Genres: Mystery, Young Adult,
   Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction

     Four high school teens; Kelly, Scott, Austin, and Zoey; find adventure using an invention that they have named the Spirit Radio. Kelly's aunt's historical house had been the resting place of this technological marvel that had been created by Thomas Edison and lost for years. With some modern tweaking by Scott, the group's technogeek, the radio now picks up voices of spirits which the group travel through time and space to try to help the spirits' ability to rest in peace.

     I really don't like to join a series in the middle of it. I often feel lost as previous adventures are referred to without much detail given for those readers who have not read the previous books. Or on the flip side of that coin, it gives too much detail so that I feel that if I were to go back and read previous books, the ending would be ruined due to too much information given in the back story. This book has found a happy medium between those two scenarios.

     I enjoyed this book immensely. Not too immature for adult readers and yet something that I could give to my teenage daughter with confidence that the story would not be too difficult for her to understand or too mature as many young adult books can be. Just from this one sample of the series I would highly recommend it and look forward to reading more.

I give it 5 star review graphic 5 stars!

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