Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rose Madder - Listen While You Work Audiobook Review

What I listened to ...

book cover art for Rose Madder by Stephen King Rose Madder
by Stephen King
Genres: Thriller, Suspense, Paranormal
Narrators: Stephen King & Blair Brown

     The majority of audiobooks that I have ready access to are Stephen King novels, thanks to one of my best friends who is a huge fan of both audiobooks and King. It is her extensive library of audio books that I usually borrow from. Within the last few years I had attempted to read straight through SK books in chronological order - except skipping the books from his Tower series, wanting to read those back to back. Rose Madder is where I had gotten stuck as it was one of several unfortunate books that was damaged by flooding while in storage. I'm not sure if I am going to proceed with my quest from here, I would rather provide more variety to my reviews, but it is a possibility.

     Rose is described as a mouse of a woman and is married to an abusive man. One day, out of the blue, she decides that she has had enough. After 14 years of abuse she realizes that she is no longer afraid that her husband Norm might kill her, but that he might not. She cannot fathom what another 14 years or so would be like suffering the same abuse. This book starts out like it will be one of King's more normal books, he does write them from time to time. But I wouldn't classify this as normal, nor is it really horror, more along the lines of paranormal.

     The story is revealed to us either from Rose's perspective (read by Brown) Or from Norm's (read by King) and this was quite an interesting way of portraying the audio version, by using 2 narrators. Hearing SK read one of his own books had given me high expectations. He wasn't flat and monotonous but also not quite as dramatic as I had anticipated.

     Interesting book, especially for readers who do not like horror but would like to experience a King novel. Maybe not one of my favorites of his books, but I've certainly read worse stories in my life.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

What I worked on ...

     There seems to be an epidemic of males being born lately. Every single item that I had made for boys have been snatched up and carted off. It is so very hard to find decent yarn that is suitable for boys in the first place that it quickly becomes monotonous using the same colors over and over. A good friend of mine has THREE baby showers coming up. All three infants are boys. Such a shame, I have so many gorgeous things for girls.

     Any how, my friend decided that she would go buy the yarn and send it to me because I only have 2 different yarns that I use for boys. She came back from yarn shopping very put off as she could not find any exciting yarn that did not have pink or purple in it. I refrained from telling her A) I told you so and B) I already have almost that exact same yarn.

     At any rate, she sent the verigated yarn and another skein of solid color, telling me to add the solid to my yarn horde and use whatever I already have to work my magic and come up with something boy apropriate. Here is the blanket that I ended up starting. I am remembering why I don't make many blankets that are comprised of squares. It is taking me longer to assemble the blanket than it did to make these little 3" squares. Stay tuned for further updates as this blanket progresses.

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