Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter
by Nathanial Hawthorne
Genre: Classic

     This is a prime example of a classic that I would never read again. I can't believe that they make high school students read this. No wonder everyone has the impression that classics are boring and pointless. I knew that I had read it - or was supposed to have read it - in high school, as I still have my copy of it, but could not remember doing so. I probably blocked it out.

     Historically speaking, it is an interesting testament to the life and times of the Puritan era in the early history of America. But the story is just so dark and dreary, the main character suffered for her shame for YEARS. Speaking in general terms so as not to give away any plot spoilers, FMC finally has a little hope to her situation and *BAM!* Hawthorne takes it away. The end of the story was incredibly confusing to me as I could not understand the motivation behine FMC's actions and I could not fathom as to why she would behave in such a manner.

     My mind constantly wandered during the many dry areas of text which seemed to go on for pages with absolutely no clue as to what he was describing or how it might pertain to the story.

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