Friday, January 11, 2013

Myths of the Modern Man - Fun Read Friday

Myths of the Modern Man
by Jacqueline T. Lynch
Genres: Science Fiction, History

     A strange genre combination as science fiction meets history. The earth is dying. John Moore is sent back in time to observe the rebellion of a Celtic tribe against the Romans. It is often stated that we can learn from history to refrain from continuing to make the same mistakes.

     While the telling of John's adventure in ancient Celtic times was riveting, I'm still not entirely clear as to what knowledge he was supposed to bring back with him, or how it would help the scientists save the earth from self destruction.

     The theory of time travel is fascinating. The very idea that we could travel to any historical event or place is mind boggling. The possibility of time travel is also very disturbing if you think of it. It could be so easy to change the future events without meaning to. This book alludes to the fact that time travel becomes common place in the future. People use time travel to take vacations back in a time when the earth was not precariously close to destruction. The probabilities of altering the timeline are horrific if one dwells on the thought. But this novel does give one food for thought, which in my opinion, makes for a good book. I think this would make an excellent selection for a book group as there are many aspects that could be discussed.

     I would however have to take issue with the frequent editing errors. This book could definitely use another read through by its editor.

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