Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On the Bridge - Book Review

book cover art for On the Bridge by Ada Uzoije On the Bridge
by Ada Uzoije
Genres: Drama, Paranormal

     They say suicide is a selfish act. When one commits suicide they leave behind their friends and loved ones to mourn, ponder why one would take their own life, and possibly leave spouses and/or children to flounder on their own. If you think about it though, there are plenty of stories and movies where one desolate soul wishes they had never been born and some mystical creature rearranges the world to reflect what would have been if that person had never been born. This level of depression is not a new concept. Unfortunately, in real life, a celestial being never intervenes to show the suicidal individual that their lives DO matter and they are not just a millstone around the necks of people who would be better off without them.

     Suicide is often a taboo subject. It isn't discussed, it is considered a mortal sin. Personally, I don't understand the negative connotations surrounding the subject. A beloved family pet is old and/or sick and we have them put to sleep so they no longer suffer with their illness. It is considered the humane thing to do, but let's put grandma on life support and prolong her suffering. It just makes no sense to me.

     This book contemplates another side of the story of how someone taking their own life can effect others. Complete strangers even. This is the story of a boy and his family who witness a particularly grisly suicide and the young teen is traumatized as a result of seeing the carnage. While not exactly light reading it is a particularly quick read that would be good entertainment for the weekend. I also think it would be a good book for reading groups as it could provide fodder for interesting discussions.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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