Friday, September 5, 2014

The Big Wide Calm - Fun Read Friday Book Review

book cover art for The Big Wide Calm by Rich Marcello The Big Wide Calm
by Rich Marcello
Genre: Drama

     The big wide calm can mean different things to different people. Basically it is that place in life where you are completely relaxed and happy with where you are in life. As with most things in life, it isn't always about the destination but with the journey to get there. Singer/songwriter, Paige Plant is working on her first album. She believes she is destined to be famous. But not just famous, she is striving to be one of those artists that cross generations and whose music is cherished for years to come. Her songs are based on her definition of the big wide calm and what she feels is required to reach it.

     Full of quirky characters, humor, and theories about love and life to make you go hmmm; The Big Wide Calm makes an excellent choice for a fun weekend read.

     Though I do review many YA books, The Big Wide Calm is not easily recommended for young adult readers. The sexual content is milder than what any child can find on television these days, but I would still would hesitate to suggest it to anyone under 18.

I give it 5 star review graphic 5 stars!

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