Monday, January 20, 2014

Feel Good Factor in 30 Days - Book Review

Feel Good Factor in 30 Days
by Andrea Morrison
Genre: Nonfiction, Self Help

     Do you find yourself often grumbling that you have the worst luck, that even if something can't go wrong then it will go wrong in your life, and other assorted bits of negative thinking that we are so routinely in the habit of making? Author, Andrea Morrison, saw that her life was beyond mere negative thinking. She grabbed destiny by the collar and retrained herself to be more positive.

     Within these pages you will find tips and tricks to help become the more positive person that you wish to be. The author shares direct situations from her own life and what worked for her. She also gives many suggestions as to how to adapt what she did to fit into your own situation, because everybody's life and likes differ.

     I received an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) that had some formatting and editing issues that still had to be dealt with which I reflected in my rating, but hopefully these problems have been fixed. Maybe your life isn't miserable, but you find yourself plodding along from day to day not very happy with your situation in the world. If so, this book can definitely give you some food for thought.

     This book is brand new, just released today!

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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