Thursday, January 2, 2014

Legendary Detective at the World's End - Book Review

Legendary Detective at the World's End
by Kaye Wagner
Genres: Mystery, Dystopia

     Teigen is a growing metropolis on a distant island. The world has become something that we would not recognize. The role of the politician is nothing more than that of a trained monkey, putting a public face on those that really run the show. The unions. It is the unions that decide what society needs and the laws that are made and enforced. Kirin is seventeen and small for his age but what he lacks in physical stature he more than makes up for it with his incredible deductive reasoning skills. In his boredom with the everyday, he amuses himself with digging up mysteries to solve, and in the process helps to right a wrong that has been orchestrated by those within power.

     This book is a very unusual mix of dystopia and mystery. Dystopian novels seem to be all the new rave and I was happily surprised to see this combination of genres as mysteries are one of my favorite types of books to read. Kirin is a lot like I imagine Sherlock Holmes was like in his youth. A bit aloof yet not quite at the confidence level yet to be completely pompous because of his unique skill. He sees each new adventure merely as a mystery to unravel, a new challenge to meet, and an avenue for keeping boredom at bay. This introduction to our new hero supplies the reader with three tales for them to enjoy.

     This book would easily have received 5 stars from me if it had been proofread better. There were a disappointing number of errors in it which unfortunately takes away some of the pleasure gained from the author's imaginative plots.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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