Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tracers by Jerome Gilden - Book Review

book cover art for Tracers by Jerome Gilden Tracers
Timeline Series #1
by Jerome Gilden
Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy

     Imagine being a normal average teenager in high school, until one day you come home from school to find your home ransacked and your adoptive parents missing without a trace. This situation takes the phrase "without a trace" to new extremes as there aren't even any records left to show that his parents ever even existed. Since he was 17, he was allowed to live on his own without guardians. He made it through high school graduation without any further bizarre incidents. Until suddenly he finds himself in the future with no idea of how he got there. He learns that not only is he descended from a race of super-beings but he is of Royal blood and is a very powerful Tracer.

     A very interesting concept, to be able to trace through your own timeline either backwards or forwards. While the theory in this book is that the beginning and end of life is pre-ordained and the past can be changed without any time ripples or similar consequences, When Jerry attempts to change an incident in his past it proves to have unforeseen circumstances arise from his meddling.

     A promising introduction to new author Jerome Gilden and his Timeline Series, I would recommend Tracers to science fiction fans for an entertaining weekend read.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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