Monday, January 9, 2012


     Guess this is what I get for not researching properly. I have to laugh at myself even though I feel like an idiot. When I was going through the books that my Goodreads book group had already read, I spotted North and South, and thought OH! I loved that mini series and would be sure to enjoy reading it! I downloaded it and pushed it to the front of my classic books to read.

     It has nothing to do with the civil war. In fact, the author passed away BEFORE the civil war. The family in the book has just moved to a town, I forget it's actual name, that is succeeded by -North. My only conjecture is that maybe North and South alludes to the difference of the two sides of the village. Possibly like a wrong side vs. right side of the tracks.

     While the story seems enjoyable enough, I admit I am disappointed that it is not the story that I was expecting. But I can only blame myself for jumping the gun and not bothering to research.

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