Monday, April 22, 2013

Bonded - Pick of the Month Book Review

book cover art of Bonded by Nicky Charles Bonded
Law of the Lycans #.5
by Nicky Charles
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy

     Brandi is just days away from graduating from the Lycan equivalent of college when she finds herself volunteered for a demonstration of basic self defense ... even though she only received a mercy pass in her own self defense class because the instructor felt she had tried her best at least. The icing on the cake of this experience is that she has been crushing on Reno, the instructor, since she first noticed him on campus and is mortified of looking like a fool. Brandi's roommate had offered her up as a sacrifice for this position because she thought it was a perfect opportunity for Brandi to meet Reno. She had no idea just how right she was.

     Reno is an Enforcer, it is his job to enforce the Lycan Law. Brandi becomes a Disaster Control Officer, it is her job to clean up after the Enforcers to make sure that humans remain unaware of their Lycan neighbors. While their jobs ensure that Reno's and Brandi's lives intersect often, there is a natural animosity between the two careers. Over the years there is an electrical connection between the two, the tension could be cut with a knife. Each have their own reasons for not wanting to get into a relationship with the other and try to ignore the sparks that fly whenever they are thrown together.

     This was a LOT better than I had expected and I really cannot think of why I had such low expectations for it. I had downloaded The Mating, which is the first book of this series, well over a year ago from goodreads and never got around to reading it. I saw that this prequel was available for free while selecting my monthly picks, I quickly snatched it up as well as the rest of the books in this series which was free. I was so enthralled with the plot that I don't really recall any editing errors if there were any. A wonderfully twisty story that I really recommend!

I give it 5 star review graphic 5 stars!

     While this and all the books within the Law of the Lycans series was available as free ebooks on Amazon, which don't usually stay free for long, you may want to see if they are indeed still free. There was a statement at the end of the book that the books will remain free and if you like them to donate the approximate cost of the book to your nearest animal or homeless shelter and help make a life better. It is great to see writers who are obviously writing for the sheer pleasure of it and not just hoping to turn a quick buck.

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