Friday, April 26, 2013

Flying Soup - Fun Read Friday Book Review

book cover art for Flying Soup by Bobby Aldair Flying Soup
by Bobby Adair
Genres: Fiction, Humor, Satire

     According to the author's forward, this book was conceived and written long before the days of YouTube, but sat unmarketed, yet it depicts a concept that is quite similar. What began as a cyclist who was tired of feeling bullied by motorists ... correction - his roommate was tired of hearing the complaints Christian often returned home with ... a personal surveillance camera system was affixed to his bike and helmet to capture on film proof of the rudeness of humanity. But once proof was acquired what could be done with it? There were no laws broken so there wasn't anything the police could do. The three roommates decided to start a website to make such videos publicized, where other users could upload their own videos of similar experiences in the hopes that a little public ostracism and humiliation would spotlight such actions and make people think twice before being rude to some anonymous person simply because they could get away with it.

     What the threesome had never realized was that the very first video they had collected involved the son of a well renowned evangelist who would quite possibly be entered on the next ballot as running mate to presidential candidate and fellow evangelist, Bob Patterson. The video was a political bomb with repercussions they had not fathomed. The video went viral and snowballed into a legal mess beyond their comprehensions.

     There are several examples in this book of very important lessons in life. The first lesson is that while faith in God is good, absolute faith in man is never a good idea even if that man is preaching the word of God. The second lesson is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Many times throughout history there have been times where people have begun things with good intentions but they fall prey to human fallacy in the form of greed, power, etc. When you put people up on pedestals, they will fall eventually because they are only human after all. When these people fall it is the people who idolized them that are shattered.

     This was a really fun story and an easy read. If it weren't for the editing errors, this book could have easily received 5 stars from me.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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