Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Asked Her Out, She Said Yes - Now What? Book Review

I Asked Her Out, She Said Yes -
   Now What? A Crash Course in Dates
   That Lead to Relationships

by Jarett Waite
Nonfiction, How-to

     Have a hot date this weekend? Or even a first date that you are nervous about? While this book is mostly dating advice for guys it is still entertaining for women to read as well. For men it shows some dos and don'ts regarding what type of behavior women most appreciate during a date. For women it is a nice reminder of how men SHOULD be treating you. Waite has a great sense of humor and even though his subject matter is serious, he manages to make it enjoyable to read. This almost seems a bit more geared towards college kids -- so mothers, buy this book for your sons and make it required reading.

     Waite's ideas about dating seem a bit old fashioned and out of date, but actually they are right on the mark, I think. Of course my kids are under the impression that I'm also old fashioned and out of date. However, he DOES mention quite a few things that are sadly lacking in the dating world today. Waite gives several suggestions, ideas, and tips to be used while on a date, without supplying a basic fill in the blank formula and saying do this, this, and this to get such and such result. He more or less gives guys a springboard to get their own creative juices flowing so that they can customize suggestions to suit their own specific personality.

     I also have to say that some things he suggests might scare me a little bit. I'm not sure how I would respond if a guy brought me home baked cookies, or brownies etc. I suppose if he enjoyed baking, while not a common trait, it wouldn't seem too bizarre. If he had to look a recipe up on the internet because baking just isn't his thing, that just seems a little over the top. I would probably feel like the guy was trying too hard and not showing his true self.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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