Sunday, May 26, 2013

Listen While You Work - Feature Introduction

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     Being self employed is the dream of many people. You can create your own hours or take time off anytime you want. Sounds great right? However, you learn quickly that if you take too much time off you will have difficulty earning enough income to pay the bills. The flip side of the self employment coin is if you end up pushing yourself to work too much. I joke that "my boss" is a slave driver.

     I have the situation where I have several different businesses. My slave driver within had determined that hobbies can only be tolerated if they can be justified with an income, even if only to support that habit ... I mean hobby. So not only do I freelance designing websites, I also have this book blog where the ad revenues help pay for me to buy new books and a website to sell my crafts to support my yarn horde.

     Multitasking is the key to finding enough hours in the day to support 3 businesses, as well as my other smaller endeavors. However, neither of my two hobbies are predisposed to allow for multitasking. I really can't do much else while reading. I can watch TV or listen to music while crocheting but neither are very productive. A friend of mine offered the solution years ago but I hesitated to try it. Audio books! I have issues with being read to though. Without the printed word right in front of me my mind tends to wander. Whatever I am listening to goes in one ear and doesn't even stop for coffee before going right out the other ear.

     My friend however has an awesome library of audio books and offered to loan me whatever I wanted so I have decided what the heck, doesn't hurt to try right? Since i have just recently watched The Hobbit, I will start with that book in the hopes that it will make visualization a bit easier. I cannot guarantee how well this new format and blog feature will go, but be on the look out for new reviews of audio books in the future and possibly even some pictures of what creation I worked on while reading ... I mean listening.

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