Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Darkness Under the Sun - Review

Darkness Under the Sun
by Dean Koontz

     Howie Dugley was damaged. He was physycally damaged during a horrifying trauma when he was five. He was emotionally scarred to match the physical scars, not only from the trauma but from the tauntings he received daily from bullies. Howie was shy and a loner, trusting no one. Until he made a new friend. But that friend was not as he had expected.

     Koontz ... King ... Koontz ... King ... Saul ... There is no choosing a favorite. They are each masterful storytellers in their own style. Koontz weaves a suspenseful tale of a young boy's trust that is undeserved and quickly betrayed. Probably the scariest aspect is how easily this could be a true story.

     A very short book, well worth the hour it took to read. I believe this book was only published in the Kindle and audio versions.

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