Friday, July 27, 2012

Review of Their Last Suppers by Andrew Caldwell

Their Last Suppers:
  Legends of History and
  Their Final Meals
by Andrew Caldwell

     This book sounded a little morbid but I thought it was an interesting concept and had a different approach to history that deserved a try. This book was a lot different than I had expected.

     Many historical figures are chronicled within these pages: Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, Julius Caeser, Cleopatra, General Custer, Adolf Hitler, Marilyn Monroe, and John Candy; just to name a few. Each chapter includes a brief history and details of their last moments leading to their death. Entire menus AND recipes are included for the detailed meals that had been the last items eaten by these historical figures who met an untimely death. Some chapters even include the person's favorite meals, also with recipes included.

     Not only is the book very interesting historically, but I also plan to try several of the recipes that were included amongst the assorted menus.

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