Monday, July 2, 2012

Featured Author - Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz

  July 9, 1945
Main genres:
   Suspense, Horror fiction, Science fiction & Thrillers

     Dean Koontz has availed himself of several different pseudonyms. He had used different pen names for different genres, even adopting a female persona for a few romantic stories. Most of his novels are now available published under his true name, except for a few books that he has repurchased the publishing rights and are not currently in print.

     Born and raised in Pennsylvania, his books are published in 38 languages and he has sold over 400 million copies to date.

     Whispers was my introduction to the world of Dean Koontz. My mother had actually bought it to read and was sufficiently creeped out that she passed the book on to me. A similar circumstance was also how I had read my first John Saul story.

Countdown for the next installation in The Odd Thomas series!

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