Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review of The Husband by Dean Koontz

The Husband
by Dean Koontz
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     Mitch persevered despite an unorthodox childhood. He loves his job, working with nature as a gardener. He loves his wife. With one phone call, his life completely changes. His wife has been kidnapped and her abductors have demanded two million dollars in ransom. Mitch is flabbergasted and has no idea how these criminals think he could ever scrape together THAT much money.

     Dean Koontz puts forth the query, "What would you do for love?" Would you put your own life on the line to save a loved one? Would you take another's life? A very suspenseful novel with many twists and turns from unexpected sources. He spins an intricate web that uncovers deception, criminal activity, murder, and sheer terror that inflicts even more mental anguish and pain on Mitch than on his abducted wife.

     Each plot twist reveals another piece of the puzzle as the reader attempts to fit the clues together to figure out how they all fit together. The suspense heightens as more pieces are added and I almost wished book covers gave hints as to how many pieces to expect such as the box of a jigsaw puzzle does.

     At least one Dean Koontz novel is required reading for any and all Stephen King fans. While similar in genre, they have their own individual styles and individual merits. This book will not disappoint.

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