Friday, July 13, 2012

Review of Hybrid by Brian O'Grady

by Brian O'Grady

     "More than thirty years ago, Ronald Regan had advanced the premise that a biological attack would be the equivalent of a nuclear attack." How can you defend yourself against a microbial enemy that you cannot see? Biological warfare is a scary tactic that is hard to defend against, no matter the size of the military.

     Terrorists create a new hybrid virus that is wickedly fatal and hard to detect. The symptoms are similar to having a normal flu bug. But there is a twist. Those who manage to survive the virus evolve into superbeings with the abilities of ESP, telekinesis, and can self heal themselves. One terrorist hopes to not only infect the U.S. but the entire world so that only evolved creatures would remain on the planet.

     An interesting premise that brings the reality of the possibility of biological warfare home. Full of action and intrigue, Hybrid combines likeable characters to combat the terrorists that keeps the reader in suspense wondering if America will survive the attack.

     Some strange editing errors, such as the author's constant use of latter instead of later but still highly entertaining and recommendable.

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