Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Demons Within - Featured Author Book Review

book cover art for Demons Within by J. Thorn Demons Within: Unholy Fire
The Hidden Evil Trilogy #2
by J. Thorn
Genres: Horror, Paranormal

     The problem with reviewing series and sequels is that I find myself afraid of revealing too much information in my synopses that could possibly reveal any surprises from the first book to those who have not yet read it. So I will keep my overview fairly brief and hopefully avoid any spoilers. After surviving the first confrontation with Preta, Ravna decides to take a road trip with his girlfriend. A seemingly innocent side trip in their sight seeing has deadly repercussions as they find themselves tangled within Preta's web of horror once again.

     I love how Thorn has portrayed this story. Each section is told in first person by a different character, giving us their perspective as events unfold. While some of the characters necessarily overlap their stories, we also are given an inside peek at what that specific character was thinking during specific scenes, until the entire story appears before us. Incredibly suspenseful, riveting horror filled twists, and an original storyline leaves me waiting impatiently for the third and final book in this trilogy.

     I definitely recommend this book to fans of supernatural horror stories.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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