Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Law of Three - Featured Author Book Review

The Law of Three: A New Wasteland
by J. Thorn
Portal Arcane Series #2
Genres:Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy

     Samuel is back for more. He is a bit wiser as he retains the memory of having been in this odd land before. He has actually been cycled through many reversions, many more than he recalls. Not only is Samuel still chased by the wolf packs but new creatures have been imagined to slow down any progress Samuel can make in his attempts to ensure his survival.

     The concept behind this series is astonishingly compelling. There is that ever driving need present to keep pushing forward through the book to find out what happens next and if Samuel will prevail this time.

     This series is reported to be a trilogy and many fans are anxiously awaiting the next installment in this riveting series, I know I am!

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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