Thursday, July 4, 2013

Worthy - Book Review

book cover art for Worthy by Laura Rouney Worthy
by Laura Rouney
Genre: Romance

     Happy 4th! Have plans today? I'm headed off to a family barbecue and actually taking a little time for some rest and relaxation. If you don't have plans today, fear not, for I have the perfect book for you to read while you have the day off and a long holiday weekend ahead.

     This book starts off with "You know that guy..." and continues on describing the character's abusive boyfriend. Unfortunately I think every woman DOES know that guy. Maybe it is a friend's boyfriend or husband, or even a co-worker, but "that guy" is very well known. After leaving the previous relationship, Julia has deep rooted feelings of inadequacy. It is up to her new hot, hunky, nice, thoughtful vice president, whom she shares an incredible chemistry with, to convince her that she IS worthy. He does have his faults too but fortunately he has plenty of patience and manages to handle Julia's couple mental drama queen rages well.

     I'm not entirely sure if this book qualifies as erotica or just where exactly the lines is between that and a regular romance but this book is definitely more geared towards the 18+ crowd as there are very frequent explicit scenes.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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