Monday, July 8, 2013

The Tommyknockers - Listen While You Work Audiobook Review

What I listened to ...

cover art for audiobook The TommyKnockers by Stephen King The Tommyknockers
by Stephen King
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller,
Narrator: Edward Hermann

     THIS is the audiobook that I SHOULD have started with. Granted, I would rather experience new books, but I think as a starting point that I should have began with a book that I am already familiar with the story line. I have read The Tommyknockers a couple of times and I must say that this was the most enjoyable experience yet in my adventures into audiobooks. While it is true that only listening to books that I have already read can really limit my choices, I think that by "re-reading" a couple of books may really help me with the whole visualization process that I have been having with audiobooks. Also it may not be such a horrible way to revisit some books that I have wanted to re-read but just have not found the time to do so.

     This was THE very first King book that I ever read and will probably always be one of my favorites just for the whole sentimental value that I give to it. In his usual fanciful way, King gives us a completely new and different twist to something that many authors have depicted before him. Yet in The Tommyknockers an alien invasion is not necessary for aliens to attempt to take over the Earth. If you have a hard time figuring out how this is even possible, read the book. I'm serious, it is awesome.

     Hermann does a wonderful job with the narrating, he has a voice that is very easy to sit back and enjoy. Well, once you get past the "who IS that, I KNOW that I know that voice". I must admit that my brother helped me out with that one, he recognized it right away and said "Is that Edward Hermann?" I said "YES! WHO is he? It is driving me nuts!" So he named a couple of movies along with physical description etc until I finally realized who the narrator is. Of course, personally, I've always thought he looked a lot like Johnny Benson, but my brother couldn't have given me that description of course.

I give it 5 star review graphic 5 stars!

     Anyhow, I'm babbling, I know, because I'm very very excited about this crochet project which is very near to my heart ....

What I worked on ...

     This is another scrap blanket that I have been working on for longer than I'd like to admit. I actually have several panels, I work on them as I acquire scraps leftover from other projects. This is a guesstimate as to how much I got done during this book. The really nice thing about this blanket is that the colors can be completely random and the only color that remains the same is the black border. This made it PERFECT for my daughter and I to work on together. She lives wayyyy up in northwestern Michigan and I only get to see her every couple of years. The blanket is assembled by alternating two different panels to form one cozy blanket. Pictured above are my "B" panels. I was trying to figure out what to make besides slippers when it dawned on me HOLY CROW! my daughter will be here in less than TWO weeks! and with her she is bringing .....

   ... her "A" panels! Even thought we have been talking about making these blankets for at least FIVE years, we are both diligently working to get our panels done at the last minute. Though in my defense, I WILL point out that I had already made MY "A" panels when she very innocently asked which panels she was supposed to be making. She could not remember, so she made "A" panels. *Sigh* Kids! Anyhow, we will assemble the panels while she is here and each have a blanket that we ALL worked on - if we can get my youngest to help with the borders after the blankets are assembled so that she is represented as well.

   I will post pictures of the finished blankets as soon as they are completed :)

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