Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Easter's Lilly - Book Tour Excerpt

book cover art for Easters Lilly by Judy Serrano Easter's Lilly
First Book of series
by Judy Serrano


     I opened my eyes to unfamiliar surroundings. The air had a stench of old cigarettes and stale beer. My eyes caught notice of my skirt draped over my purse on a chair, by the door. This startled me as I reached down to feel what I was wearing. I had on a pair of sweatpants, which fit me rather well, and I was grateful I was still wearing the same shirt from last night. I pulled myself up a bit; just to notice the three half smoked cigarettes in the ashtray beside me on the nightstand and a bong in desperate need of cleaning next to it. There were four beer cans by the ashtray, empty and crushed in the middle. I had discovered the source of the smell. Just then I heard the door crack open and a head popped into the doorway. I was startled and jumped a little as he said, "Good, you're awake." He had long stringy brown hair and some facial hair on his chin that I was sure he thought was a goatee. His mustache was pencil thin and looked as though it had been painted on his face. He was wearing a hat that was worn back in the old days in gangster movies. He looked about my age, twenty something, and very thin. I guessed that it was his sweatpants I was wearing after I got a good look at him. "How do you feel?"

     "I'm fine," I said. "I have a bit of a headache, though. Who are you?"

     He approached me at that point and I jerked back. He had on red sneakers and clothing that matched only to the blind. I assumed Good Will was his department store of choice. "I'm Johnny Malone," he answered. "I already know you're Lilly O'Hara. We met at the party last night."

     My heart leapt into my mouth, which I was sure was filled with cotton. I was shocked and speechless. Finally after an awkward pause I managed to squeak out, "Did we...?"

I give it 3 star review graphic 3 stars.

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