Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brother Number Three - Book Tour Review

book cover art of Brother Number Three by Judy SerranoBrother Number Three
Book Two of series
by Judy Serrano
Genres: Romantic Suspense

     I seriously had mixed feelings for this series. Before I had even finished Easter's Lilly, I groaned to myself as I could see where this sequel was headed by the title. I tried, but I could not like Lilly, which is not a good thing when the book is written in a first person narrative from her point of view. I thought she was flighty, fickle, shallow, and an emotional basket case. Reading these books reminded me of the Twilight Series in the fact that two hot guys are fighting over an ugly chick with no personality. While Lilly is supposed to be known for her beauty, I had a hard time understanding what all these guys saw in her. Maybe I have become a prude in my old age, or I read too many classic stories, but I just had no sympathy or respect for Lilly at all.

     However, the book is not without merit. I loved the brothers' bantering which had me chuckling several times. Though I'm not entirely sure that their good humor and teasing was entirely believable given the circumstances, but from their attitudes this wasn't the first time they had been in similar situations. The storyline itself was very compelling. Even though I found myself rolling my eyes a time or two, I would compare it to a good soap opera that you just cannot tear yourself away from.

     Poorly edited books are one of my pet peeves that I complain about the most, but there were very few proofreading errors. Not perfect, but nothing too frequent or overly annoying. My biggest pet peeve, that I hate even more than editing errors, is cliffhanger endings. I feel gypped and cheated out of a real ending when books leave me hanging.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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  1. I agree about the character of Lilly. I just don't see what they see in her. She's fickle and will jump to any man that gives her attention.

    That said, I do love the series though. I agree with the cliffhanger endings though. I'm like ugh! Now I have to wait to see what happens next.

  2. Because of Lilly, I just could not like the book. Her reaction's to the cliffhanger of book 1 were entirely unbelievable to me. And well, she was annoying in other places too.