Monday, March 26, 2012

Poor Kids Today

     Hang onto your hats while I blog about something that has nothing to do with books or literature in any shape or form. It's actually more of a rant and/or vent. Today one of my favorite bands announced they'll be in town in July. I haven't been to a concert in years and probably wouldn't have thought THAT much about it. However, tickets go on sale on my birthday and my best friend will actually be in town the week of the concert. If those two things don't just scream kismet, I don't know what does.

     I discussed it with my friend and we make tentative plans to go. I did some research and found that nosebleed seats way up in the rafters START at $120! Oh MY God, seriously? I saw this same band when I was in high school and paid $25-$30 for MAINFLOOR seats. Today it would cost $1200 for mainfloor tickets. I went to several concerts when I was in high school, it was one of our favorite sources of entertainment. I could not imagine growing up today where concerts just are NOT affordable at all, except to the wealthy few. Even if I could scrape up the money for tickets, there is no way that I could justify to my conscience spending that much money for one night of entertainment.

     Corporate greed and overinflated prices not only makes me nauseous, they make me feel OLD! My children are in awe as I regale them with stories of being able to buy a bottle of Pepsi for a quarter when I was a kid. We thought we were rich when we found a nickel because we could buy SOMETHING with it. My daughter has to put that nickel into her piggy bank and save up to buy a candy bar. Poor kids today, I feel sorry for them. Nuff said.

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