Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review - The Coming Revolution by Dr. Richard G. Lee

The Coming Revolution: Signs from America's Past that Signal Our Nation's Future by Dr. Richard G. Lee

     The first portion of the book is an educational review of the history of our founding fathers. The author goes into great detail, annotating specific quotes and sources, of the social outrage against the King of England, and political fervor, that caused the separate colonies to forget their differences and unite to revolt again the tyranny of the King. Dr. Richard Lee argues his theory that today's social, economic, and political breakdown can be attributed to three major causes: the lack of religious spirit, the lack of patriotism taught in schools, and the breakdown of the traditional family unit.

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  1. I should check this one of my history professors talked about this. I completely agree with it. I think the breaking point is the economy and the income inequality that is running rampant across the United States. Once the "equal" becomes "unequal" and the people take notice then the government will have some issues. Thanks for reading and reviewing!