Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Impressions of Containment

     Getting ready to leave on a road trip but wanted to jot down my first impression of book I'm currently reading, as I am getting out of the habit of posting regularly. Containment, by Christian Cantrel, was one of my picks for February. The premise is that humans have destroyed Earth, a running theme with me lately for some reason, and have set up a colony on Venus. The next generation of Venus residents have come of age and are given the task of trying to figure out how to increase their oxygen creation so the colony can expand and multiply.

     Some of the text can be a little dry as different technologies are explained. I find this common in science fiction as I just don't have the superbrain to comprehend some of the highly technical futuristic science stuff. The plot is compelling and I'm finding the book hard to put down as each chapter reveals more information and yet raises even more questions that I can't wait to find the answer to.

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