Friday, March 16, 2012

Listen to the Shadows - Review

Listen to the Shadows
by Joan Hall Hovey

     This was one of my monthly picks for March in the Mystery/Thriller genre. Every woman has been warned by a caring and/or concerned loved one about getting into their car without checking the backseat for some maniac lying in wait. Artist Katie Summers looks into her rear view mirror to find DEAD eyes reflected back to her from the back seat. She panics, swerves, hits a light pole, and spends 4 days in a coma.

     This book is fairly fast-paced, full of suspense and hard to put down. I have to admit that I guessed early on who the bad guy was, but I tend to be very perceptive. There were a few red herrings that still lead me to doubt my choice of antagonist so the plot wasn't entirely predictable to me.

     The editing had some serious issues. Not just the usual wrong words or misspellings that I normally harp about but MANY instances of a paragraph ending mid-sentence. I'm not sure if maybe this is an error that is made during the conversion to a Kindle file, but I found it occurring enough to be disheartening.

     All in all a very enjoyable book. Sufficiently entertaining, tense, and apprehensive with a scoop of creepy on the side. Fair warning: this book is no longer free on amazon.

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