Thursday, August 2, 2012

Featured Author - David Estes

David Estes

  April 13, 1981
Main genres:
  Young Adult, Children's Books,
  Paranormal, Dystopian.

     David was born in El Paso, TX. When he was small he moved to Pittsburg, PA where he grew up and attended Penn State. He has since moved to Australia, met his lovely wife, Adele, and lived happily ever after. Well that might be a slight generalization. David and Adele are currently spending their days in Hawaii where David writes on the beach and Adele writes and pursues her love of photography. They are enjoying an opportunity of globetrotting and indulging their dreams.

     While he primarily writes in the young adult genre, they are not the typical stories that have been toned down for immature minds. They are often entertaining, humorous, and packed full of action with the hopeful message that good will conquer evil. David is very personable and interactive with his fans on twitter, facebook, and goodreads. His loyal fan base have given him the nickname of "Mr. Blue-eyes". Guess I need to zoom in on his picture one day to check out those eyes that everyone is talking about.

     My first introduction to David was when I read Angel Evolution. I had some feedback on the book that I didn't want to include in my review as it contained a plot spoiler for those who hadn't read the book already. Feeling that it was important to give him a piece of my mind, err I mean my feedback, I e-mailed my opinion to him and in his usual down-to-earth-but-overly-excitable way we struck up a conversation about the pros and cons of different literary tactics. David was the first author that I had ever interacted with on a personal level, and a girl never forgets her first *wink wink*. I have since been invited to join his team of beta readers which is an experience that I enjoy immensely. I honestly think that one day, maybe in the not so distant future, I will be able to say that I knew David before he became famous.

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