Friday, August 10, 2012

Review of Treasure Island

Treasure Island
by Robert Louis Stevenson

     Jim Hawkins is a young boy who comes into the possession of a pirate's treasure map and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. But where treasure is involved, human nature tends to give in to greed.

     To be honest, I wasn't real familiar with the details of this story and was quite surprised to run into Long John Silver. I'm not sure if it is a national chain, but here in Michigan we have Long John Silver restaurants which is a fast food type seafood joint. It seems fitting now that I know that Long John Silver had been the ship's cook.

     While Treasure Island is a good story, I was not impressed with young Jim Hawkins. Some may argue that he was a brave and clever boy. Personally I found him to be impulsive, unwilling to consider the consequences of his actions, and blessed with an indefinite supply of sheer dumb luck.

     While I still hold to my personal opinion that all classics are worth the read, this is one story that I'm in no hurry to read a second time.

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