Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Inspirer - Book Review

book cover art for Inspirer by Allen Vaysberg Inspirer: Poetic Observations
by Allen Vaysberg
Genre: Poetry

     I try to be fairly eclectic with the books that I review. A little bit for everyone as everybody has their own personal favorite genre. This also helps to keep me fairly well rounded in my own reading and stops me from just gravitating heavily towards mysteries and mayhem. However it dawns on me that I think this is only the second book of poetry that I have ever reviewed.

     Poetry takes some work to read. It often requires interpretation as authors take poetic license to switch around sentence structure to stay true to the rhythm and the piece's rhyming pattern. Plus I must admit that with really good poetry I get completely swept up in the cadence and meter of the poems that it is almost like listening to music where you are enjoying the beat so much that you pay no attention to the story that the lyrics are trying to tell you. This tendency of mine requires that I read a poem several times through. Once to appreciate the poems structure and again to reflect on the poem's meaning.

     The poems in this collection stretch throughout the author's life and tells the tale of a young man in college and the poems follow and grow with him as he marries and has a family. I found it quite fascinating to be given this rare peek into someone's life. The poems that celebrate things that happen every day yet can be so monumental to the person that they are happening to are truly touching to behold. By including these poems in this book he has immortalized these occasions to be enjoyed and memorialized for years to come.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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