Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lace II by Shirley Conran - Review

Lace II
Second Book in Series
by Shirley Conran
Genre: Romance

     The sequel finds Lili settling in with her real mother and them trying to establish a bond. When Lilli is kidnapped and FOUR men receive ransom notes demandind payment to save their daughter, the official story as to whom her father really is, is put into question.

     As often is the case, the sequel isn't as good as the first book. It really annoyed me that the second book really changed the personality of Lili's mother. It was a complete 180 from knowing exactly who the father was to well, I wasn't entirely sure. There are also some continuity issues where what we were told in the first book doesn't quite match in the second book.

     But even so, the sequel is not without merit as we delve back into the lives of these amazing women. This story is about half the length of the first, as it only covers a few years of their lives. It is an amazing tale of everlasting friendship irregardless of time and distance between friends. A good sappy romance book for those who enjoyed Lace and crave to know more. Did you miss the review for the first book, Lace in this Serial Sunday series?

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