Saturday, September 15, 2012

News and such

     First off, I want to thank Laura from A Goddess of Frugality for publishing this week's featured author review for me as I was stuck flat on my back with a bum foot.

     I'm sure that regular readers of my blog have noticed the absence of the monthly picks these past few months. Those that receive my newsletter are aware that I have been struggling with a decision to change to making my picks weekly so that the book would still be free for download when I review them. I have been following prices on amazon for this past month to try to figure out the trend. Unfortunately even if I did pick the freebie book on Monday, odds aren't good that the book would still be free when it was reviewed on Friday. The only way I could guarantee that the book was still free for download when I reviewed it was if I downloaded it, read it, and reviewed it all on the same day. Even I'm not THAT good. I started the monthly picks primarily as a way to spotlight the fact that there are so many free books available on Amazon. At the time I was under the wrong impression that Amazon chose books to be free for the entire month. After much thought on this subject, I have decided to continue the monthly picks the way that I started them. Even though the books that I review may not still be free at the time of the review, the reviews themselves show that there are some incredibly talented unknown authors available on Amazon and it is worth the time to explore some of these artists.

     I still have a copy of David Estes' The Moondwellers - Prize package #5 from the Ultimate David Estes Giveaway. Please check your spam folders and keep in mind that anytime you enter a blog contest it might be a good idea to make sure to add the blog's email address to your list of approved recipients so that prize notifications do not end up in your spam folders.

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