Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Partner - Review

The Partner
by John Grisham
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

     The reader is dropped into the middle of the story, floundering to play catch up, pressing on to find out the events that led up to this point. The story unfolds through recollections and narratives of the characters until the reader reaches that "AHA!" moment where all the pieces suddenly fit together neatly and everything suddenly makes perfect sense.

     After finishing the book, I could only sit back and think "WOW!" the plotting and planning that went into this story proves exactly why John Grisham stays on the best selling list.

     If you are going to read only one of Grisham's books, it should be this one. By far my favorite of his books. It is action packed, full of suspense and intrigue. A true intellectual read that challenges you to solve the mystery on your own as the clues are revealed. There are an intricate series of events where if only one step didn't go as planned all would fall like a house of cards.

     This novel definitely earns a PYOL rating, an upgrade to my favorites list on goodreads, and the proclomation that this story is worth reading over and over again.

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