Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scruples - Serial Sunday Review

book cover art for Scruples by Judith KrantzScruples
Book One in Series
by Judith Krantz
Genre: Romance, Drama

     Billy doesn't have the greatest childhood. Raised by her widowed father who was more involved with his medical research than her upbringing, Billy is closer to the housekeeper than her own father. She turns to food for comfort and ends up overweight and seriously introverted. A kind aunt helps her to find a household in France for her to spend a year abroad. When Billy returns she is a brand new person.

     We are given some very detailed character studies for the different players involved in this story. Even some of the more minor characters are well developed and described to us in-depth. I have to admit thought, by the end of the book, Billy was starting to get on my nerves. While she exudes confidence, she never really got over the shyness and loneliness of her childhood, and finds it difficult to strike up a conversation with complete strangers, making it difficult to make friends. Others incorrectly interpret her shyness as haughtiness and when combined with her wealth and status, they fear approaching her. Billy becomes bored with her life. She has more money than she can comprehend, so does not need to work. She doesn't want to be Miss Susie Homemaker, nor does she wish to delve into the world of charity work. She is on top of the world and still unhappy. While on one hand this situation shows that money can't buy happiness. But with great wealth, you CAN choose your own misery and it is hard to have much sympathy for Billy while she is wallowing in self pity.

     This selection for Serial Sunday was a fairly enjoyable book for the most part. Be prepared for a crash course into the world of high fashion and haute coutre. I had read another book recently that dove into this world as well so I managed to flounder through the assorted terms without too much difficulty. I'm not entirely sure where the next book will lead as this volume was well wrapped up and didn't leave too many unanswered questions.

I give it 3 star review graphic 3 stars.

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