Friday, September 28, 2012

Married by Mistake - Review

Married by Mistake
by Abby Gaines
Genre: Romance

     I used to love romance books when I was younger. I think most young women do. Now that I have grown up they tend to annoy me. I no longer believe in Prince Charming, knights in shining armor, true love, or happily ever after. I roll my eyes when the characters get jealous because the object of their affections are talking to a member of the opposite sex.

     Howver, I have begun to realize that when I am feeling down or stressed that it is usually romance novels that I will choose from the plethora of titles on my Kindle. Am I seeking mindless distraction to my own problems? Am I looking for that feeling of hope that romance novels manage to deliver? Am I just grumpy and wanting to love to hate a book? Whatever it was that I was looking for, I choose to read this book one dreary rainy day and I LOVED it!

     Casey Greene goes on a reality wedding show and is humiliated when her fiance refused to marry her. The head of the TV network steps in to save the shows ratings and pretends to marry her. Ooops, turns out the marrieage was for real and legally binding. Full of humor, quick wit, sharp retorts, and manages to avoid the whole "he love me, he loves me not" mentality for most of the plot, this story is very enjoyable and surprisingly entertaining.

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