Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Playing for Pizza - Review

Playing for PizzaPlaying for Pizza
by John Grisham

     NFL quarterback, Rick Dockery is not having a good year. After taking a hard hit during an AFC championship game, he awakens in the hospital several days later to find that he is the laughingstock of the NFL. The best offer his agent can get him for the next season is with a team in the Italian NFL.

     This book is quite similar to a Movie titled Mr. Baseball in which Tom Selleck portrays an MLB player who is faced with either playing for a Japanese baseball team or retiring. There is an underlying lesson here that sometimes it is the things in life that we try to avoid that turns out to be precisely what we need.

     Whatever you do, do not read this book without eating first. Grisham goes into great detail about the Italian feasts served and consumed and my poor stomach growled almost throughout the entire book!

     An entertaining read though not quite as exciting and suspenseful as most novels penned by Grisham, this book would undoubtedly be quite interesting to football fans.

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