Friday, November 16, 2012

Another Chance - Pick of the Month Review

Another Chance by Sandra CuppettAnother Chance
by Sandra Cuppett
Genre: Romantic Suspense

     Jordan is a beautiful and friendly woman. Both attributes drew the unwanted attention of an unbalanced man. Lambert's delusional mind twisted her kindness into a belief that she also like him as well. When her stalker tried to kidnap/rescue Jordan from her husband, Lambert was the only one of the two men who walked away from the ensuing struggle. After stewing in prison for 5 years, Lambert escaped with only one purpose in mind - making Jordan pay for spurning his feelings.

     While the story and plot has great promise, the final confrontation is disappointingly anticlimactic. There are serious and frequent editing errors including incorrect character names, inconsistencies in the plot, awkward sentence structure and odd word substitutions scattered throughout the book.

     With some work, this novel could be a good book but in its current form it is my opinion that it unfortunately does not reach its true potential. There characters are well developed but the errors are numerous enough that this book falls flat of it's possible strength.

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