Friday, November 30, 2012

Crossroads Road - Pick of the Month Review

Crossroads Road by Jeff Kay Crossroads Roads
by Jeff Kay
Genre: Humor

     And I thought my family was crazy! This novel takes a look at the king of all dysfunctional in-laws. Jovis McIntire's wife is the only sane person in her family. When her mother, Sunshine, hits a $234 million lottery jackpot she designs her very own subdivision and offers a custom-built house to each family member along with two million dollars cash. There is a catch of course. If they take the deal, they have to live in this familial subdivision for the remainder of the mother's life. Sunshine is a control freak. Since she is footing the bill, which she makes sure to mention often, the remaining family members are walking on eggshells until the houses are constructed and they receive the deeds to their new homes and the funds promised to them.

     This story was a real joy to read. The situations are hilarious and the antics of Jovis's in-laws are horrifying. It is hard to believe that he doesn't go off the deep end immediately with all the drama that is going on around him. It literally had me laughing out loud in many places.

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