Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Crimes at Puzzel Manor - Saturday Short Review

Christmas Crimes at Puzzel Manor by Simon Brett Christmas Crimes at Puzzel Manor
by Simon Brett
Genres: Mystery, Holiday

     If you enjoy mysteries and solving puzzles then this is an excellent Christmas selection for you. While the story in itself was enjoyable, I found the plot easier to figure out than the puzzles. In fact one of the puzzles was only easy to solve because I had already guessed what was going to happen so knew what solution to look for. However, I DID read this book five or six years ago and while I couldn't actually remember the plot, there may have been some subconscious intuition at play where I just thought I had figured things out early and I was actually remembering it.

     The puzzles are fairly difficult but if you enjoy the challenge of a tough puzzle you will find them up to par. If you find the puzzles are too hard, fear not, the answer is at the end of the chapter and the solution is given in a way that if you just want a bit of a hint to try to proceed on your own, you can do that too.

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